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career(BY) 2016 – 4th round

The Bavarian Employers’ Associations for the Metalworking and Electrical Industries and the Bavarian industry association (Die Bayerischen Metall- und Elektro-und die Arbeitgeber Bayme vbm und die vbw - Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V.) together have conducted the projects career(me) and career(BY) since 2013. This makes us one of the first organizations in Germany that through these two projects have implemented the special programme of the German Federal Government called MobiPro-EU: a plan that was created to support occupational mobility of young Europeans. Besides the financial support of the MobiPro-EU program our projects are also special because we engage a "local coach" whose task is to support you and the participating companies.

The positive testimonials from our project participants and the continued high demand for participation have played a critical role in the decision to launch the projects career(me) and career(BY) also for a FOURTH ROUND at the beginning of the academic year 2016. Therefore, also in 2016 you can have the opportunity to start a dual vocational training in Bavaria through our projects.

The project career(BY) is an intermediary and support for both the Bavarian companies and for the participants from other European countries.


We are driven to find European candidates who are motivated to begin a dual Vocational Training in a Bavarian company from the 1st September 2016.

You can find more information about the dual vocational training in Germany here:

What do we offer?

Support for the participants from their first day until the end of their training.

Financing in collaboration with the MobiPro-EU Programme.

During the months of January and February 2016 several information sessions will take place in different cities in Europe.

If you are interested in participating in our project please send us an email to the following address:

In the Email please include the following personal information: your name, post address, phone number, ID number, date of birth and the professions you would like to pursue (you can name up to three preferences). Besides these personal data please send the following three documents as PDF: your ID card or passport, your CV in German or English and your highest school certificate. Please send the documents in three different pdf files with your name in the title of the files like this:

  1. ID_JohnSmith.pdf
  2. CV_JohnSmith.pdf
  3. Certificate_JohnSmith.pdf

If you don’t have a CV in German or in English you can use the form of Europass. You find instructions to how to fill it out in all the official languages of the EU here:

When we have received your application we will contact you per email with more specific information.

Who can participate in the project?

  • Citizens of the EU or the EEA between 18 and 27 years of age. Those who turn 28 before the 29th February 2016 unfortunately CANNOT participate.
  • Those who have already finished the obligatory school of their country (primary school or a lower level of high school, depending on your home country’s school system) and do not have a certificate of a dual vocational training with the same requirements as those of the German system.
  • High motivation is required
  • We equally expect a willingness to learn the German language
  • And an open-minded attitude and interest in getting to know the German culture and way of life

*Only citizens of the European Union or of the European Economic Area (EEA) can participate.

What should I do to participate in this project?

Send an email to with the following information: name, post address, phone number, ID number, date of birth and the profession you would like to pursue. As an attachment send the three required documents: a scan or photo of your ID card or passport, your CV and your school certificate. Please send the documents in three different pdf files with your name indicated in the file names.

When all three documents are correct you will be considered as registered and receive more information and details per email about the information days and how about the participation in the project.

What are the professions that can be pursued?

The following dual vocation training professions are offered in the project in 2016 (click on the profession of your interest for more information):

Why do we seek candidates outside of our borders?

Given the current demographic trends by 2035 there will be a lack of skilled workers for approximately 650.000 positions – only in Bavaria. In addition to this the Bavarian economy is strongly driven by exports it is highly involved in the global economy. For these reasons there is an increasing need for employing international staff.

What kinds of companies seek candidates?

We are in contact with very different companies, from large multinational leaders in the automotive, machinery and aerospace industries to the so-called "Hidden Champions" which are middle and small sized companies engaged mainly in high-tech. Besides these the small local businesses shouldn’t be forgotten either: among the participating companies you will find hotels, restaurants, bakeries and other retail companies engaged mainly in handicrafts.

We are looking for apprentices for companies that are scattered throughout the entire territory of Bavaria. In general, the firms are located in rural areas and not in big cities like Munich.

Bavaria - Where is it exactly?

Bavaria is a federal state in the Federal Republic of Germany and with over 70,000 square kilometres it has the largest area among the German federal states. Located in the southeast of the country, Bavaria is situated near the Alps and has not only fascinatingly beautiful scenery but also a strong economy. In the recent decades the economy has evolved from being primarily agricultural to be mainly characterized by technology.

Bavaria is also a way of life. Bavarians are said to be sometimes something quirky but always cheerful and relaxed and they are believed to have great common sense. Typical Bavarian virtues are to be sociable and welcoming. For Bavarians tradition and the future with progress are equally important.

What do we offer? Support and assistance throughout the whole process

  • Assistance in obtaining the financial help from MobiPro-EU
  • Help finding accommodation
  • Organisation of excursions, welcome arrangements and  discussions
  • Help with frequently asked questions such as those about health insurance or administrative tasks
  • Availability of a contact person in case of emergency
  • Assistance in case of illness
  • Organization of German courses
  • Support to solve problems during the theoretical classes of the vocational training
  • Integration support (sports clubs, Stammtisch, social network)

MobiPro-EU - What kind of financial help can you expect?

The MobiPro-EU program has been created with the objective and commitment “to promote the occupational mobility of European young people interested in vocational trainings". It is a program of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the German Federal Employment Agency (BA), to help and support participants during their first steps in Germany.

If a company accepts your application you will receive the following support:

  • Preparatory German language course in your home country
  • Supplement for travel costs and the costs of moving to Germany
  • German course in Germany during your internship and German course during your entire vocational training (Ausbildung)
  • Besides the salary you receive from your company you’ll also get additional financial support from the programme, already during your internship

The part of the program budget dedicated to the German courses is the most important element of the catalogue of subsidies of the MobiPro-EU programme. The language is an essential factor for integration and welfare for anyone who decides to live in Bavaria. For this reason, unless you already speak fluent German it is obligatory to attend the language courses in your home country and also during the period of the summer internship.

The team of career(BY) helps all participants with their applications for support from the MobiPro-EU programme and is responsible for ensuring that all necessary documents get submitted.

Dual vocational training as a future opportunity

The model of the dual training in Germany is undoubtedly the most important reason for why youth unemployment in this region is so scarce. The quality of the trainings is worldwide known and is strengthened through countless laws and a long tradition. Successful completion of a vocational training in Germany is a good base to work anywhere in the world. The reasons behind this success are among others the following:

  • The extent of the training because, depending on the profession, it will take between 3 and 3½ years.
  • State-licensed exams through the regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Chambers of Trades and Crafts
  • Learning on the job while working in company and complementary theoretical learning in a training institute.
  • Contractual relationship with the company from the first day of training with a monthly salary.
  • Once completed, the training offers a wide range of possibilities, preferably to get a contract directly after the training, either at the company where the training has been done, at another company or upon return to your home country.

career(me) 2014


career(BY) 2014

What is a dual vocational training?

The process: STEP BY STEP

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